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List of Fics

Posted on 2021.01.06 at 11:00
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Some long, some short; some AU, some not.  Almost all Adama/Roslin.


Longer ficsCollapse )

Drabbles and ficletsCollapse )

Multi-part stories:

Babytattoofic - "Tauron Cherry," etc.Collapse )

Beignet!verse AUCollapse )

Astral Planes AUCollapse )

Special Prosecutions AUCollapse )

Non-Adama/Roslin fic:

BSG & OtherCollapse )

The Closer and Major Crimes fic (Raydor/Fritz, Raydor/Hobbs)Collapse )

Title: Caprican Liberation (the hope springs eternal remix)
Author: afrakaday
Word count: 2000
Rating: T
Remix of: fragrantwoods' fic Caprican Occupation
Summary: “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.” Don’t let the bastards grind you down.
A/N: Thanks to my betas, lanalucy and miabicicletta. Thank you, wonderful mods lls_mutant and plaid_slytherin of bsg_remix, for putting together yet another fantastic Remix. And finally thank you, fragrantwoods, for creating such a wonderfully dystopian AU for me to expand and an excuse to re-read one of my favorite novels of all time.

( Caprican Liberation (the hope springs eternal remix) )


Just because...

Posted on 2014.05.02 at 13:32
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Happy Friday!


Fic: The Littlest Fan (Ikeaverse)

Posted on 2014.03.23 at 20:54
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Title: The Littlest Fan
Rating: K
Word count: 300
A/N: Happy, happy birthday, newnumbertwo! I hope you don't mind me borrowing your Ikeaverse and your adorable OC for a little bit.

In which Kara Thrace and Judy Adama are watching some hoopsCollapse )

There was a super fun "multi-ship war" over at bsg_epics last weekend. The idea was to write as many different 'ships as possible. They've got voting going on through the end of this weekend, so go check out some of the fics that have been nominated and cast some votes! (And show some love for the many awesome fics that were written, while you're at it.)

These were mine...definitely some pairings I've never written before. Links are to the epics commentfic, spoilertag has fulltext beneath. :)

From the Belly of the Beast (Gaeta/Hoshi)
[the bottom dropped out from under him]Louis panted heavily as he raced down the halls of the Pegasus. His legs turned over quickly, automatically, as his head twisted from side to side as he searched for his curly-haired lover.

Passing crewmates looked at him curiously as he flew by them, but they barely registered with Louis. "Felix!" he screamed into the void of the darkened hangar deck. A sob escaped his tightening throat as he circled around to search yet another level. Sweat poured off his body and he struggled to breathe. He stepped into the lift, and it went dark as the bottom dropped out from under him. He flailed down the shaft from the bowels of the Beast out into space, falling ever-faster toward the planet called New Caprica…

Louis startled from his sleep and sat up with a gasp. The world was still dark, but he was constrained by rough, tangled sheets that kept him safely anchored to his rack. He was as sweaty as he remembered being in his dream.

Felix, he thought hopelessly, as he returned to his waking nightmare of thinking about his lover in the arms of Gaius Baltar.

What Is and What Was Never Meant to Be (Adama/Roslin, Laura/Wally, Laura/Maya, Laura/Cottle, Bill/Saul, Ellen/Saul)
["To accept their destiny, whatever it might be"]“It’s a beautiful ceremony, huh.” Bill slides his hand into Laura’s as they watch Maya gently hand Isis over to the priestess. The baby squirms in her pale pink, sacklike dress and vocalizes her presence, but doesn’t cry.

She turns to face him and smiles. “I wouldn’t have thought you’d think so . . . Admiral Atheist.”

“We had naming ceremonies for both Leland and Zackary. Even if you’re not religious, it’s a good feeling, of presenting your baby out into the world, ready to be his or her own person.”

“To accept their destiny, whatever it might be,” Laura says softly.

“It’s a lot for a little person to handle,” Bill agrees.

She wraps her arm around his and holds tight.

* * *

Later, when they’re back in her tent and a little drunk from the post-ceremony celebration, Bill looks up at her earnestly and asked a question she had long ago assumed he had determined too personal to ask. Maybe things have changed more than she thought.

“Did you ever have a child, Laura?”

She takes her time answering, stirring her tea. “No…”

He can sense that there’s more there, and he waits her out.

“In my late thirties, I decided that I wanted to be a mother, and it didn’t matter that I hadn’t found a partner to do that with.” She sips her tea, and a practiced, distant grief settles over her lovely features. “A good friend was willing to help me out, and even co-parent-- he and I were never romantically involved, but we would have been good partners in this.”

Wally Gray had been a good friend. He’d always been just a little bit in love with her, and it had been enough to get them to agree to take that journey together, when her family was gone and she was running out of time to start her own. It had made it that much more painful to pull the plug on his candidacy. Walking with him on Cloud Nine, that little bit of love had vanished for good.

“What happened?”

“I finally got pregnant after the third round of IVF. I lost the baby at about fourteen weeks, and never tried again.” She looks thoughtful for a moment, then her eyes crinkle slightly as a realization hits her. “I haven’t told anyone about that since . . . well, long before the Colonies fell.”

* * *

She’s as surprised that she answered him honestly as she was at the fact that he asked the question at all, and that sad bit of her past joins the other secret weighing heavily on her chest.

“Bill,” she begins, and his hand slowly stops rubbing circles on her back and slips back into his lap. “There’s something I have to tell you about Isis.”

She wouldn’t tell him all the reasons for what she’d done: Maya’s soft brown eyes, so guileless as she spoke to Laura of the baby she’d lost in the attacks; the thrill that had run through Laura’s body when the younger woman threw herself into Laura’s arms with a resounding cry of thanks when Laura had brought up the possibility of an adoption; the chaste kiss they’d shared in Maya’s new quarters when Laura stopped by with a baby gift to see how Isis was settling in.

No, those weren’t her reasons at all. “The child was in danger,” she said. “I couldn’t let them have her. And they would have taken her, and the rest of us would be at risk until that day came.”

“Who, Laura?” Bill’s blue eyes are intent.

“Isis,” she said, “is Hera.”

* * *

Bill chokes on his tea and jumps up-- whether to try to clear his throat and breathe, or to get away from her, she’s not sure.

“Frakking hell, Laura,” he growls once his coughs subside. “That baby belongs to my officers. They grieved for her. They still do.”

She’s impassive, but stands as well to face him at eye level. The easy warmth between them has evaporated at her revelation.

“You kidnapped a baby and told her parents she was dead,” he says grimly. “And you roped my CMO into your scheme.”

Now that he thinks about it, he can remember Laura meeting with Cottle in sickbay without him; their heads bent together, their words ceasing as soon as he stepped into the room. Those interactions, which he’d written off as innocuous, a closeness born of Cottle’s care for Laura during her illness, now took on a more sinister meaning. What else had they been plotting? Doing?

Bill’s not just disappointed; he’s furious. Laura finds that she feels unburdened at having finally told him the truth, but it’s not clear that it’s worth the price.

It wasn’t, she decides, as he yanks on his boots and storms out of her tent.

* * *

Bill’s not sure where to go -- all of the rows of tents on this planet look the same to him. It takes a few loops of wandering until he finally comes across the lean-to that functions as a bar and meeting place for the settlers.

Some of the revelers are still there from Isis’s--Hera’s--naming ceremony after-party, though the baby and her mother are both gone, and for that, Bill’s glad. He returns their waves and ignores their confused looks when they realize Roslin’s not there with him.

Saul’s at the end of the bar, studying the small glass of brown liquid in front of him, and doesn’t notice Bill until Bill sits down next to him.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” Saul asks pointedly.

“She’s not. Where’s Ellen?”

“Frak you!” Saul rejoins. It’s a dialogue as old as their friendship; it’s the basis for their sometimes-more-than-friendship.

“Joe! Get us another round.” Saul throws back what’s left in his cup to make room for the shots the bartender pours out before them.

The shots multiply, and Bill’s unsteady on his feet as they walk back to Saul’s tent. The burning ball of anger at Laura in the pit of his stomach has only been inflamed by the alcohol, and when Saul ties shut the flap to the tent and tentatively kisses him, Bill reaches for his belt buckle.

* * *

Bill wakes up to the sound of Ellen and Saul making love.

“You’ve gotta be frakking kidding me,” he huffs from his blanket on the floor. They didn’t even have the decency to wake him up and either kick him out or invite him to join in first. Some friends.

“See ya later, Bill,” Saul says from the corner of his mouth, barely audible over Ellen’s moans of pleasure. The creaking cot’s tempo is increasing, and Bill knows he’s got mere moments to get out of there.

“Yeah. Right,” Bill says, pulling on his boots and making a hasty exit through the tent flap for the second time of his shore leave.

* * *

Once he’s found some bread to eat for breakfast and a twig to brush his teeth with, Bill feels human enough to go find Laura and try to make things right.

He’s still struggling to understand her decision-- it doesn’t speak much of her faith in his ability to provide security, and he hates that she shut him out of it completely. But he can admit to himself that he would have struggled, and still does, to be objective about it.

“Isis is Hera,” he can hear Laura say, and it competes with Sharon’s heartbroken cry of “My baby!”

But Laura had lost a child too. The woman he’d spent the previous day with wouldn’t maliciously inflict that kind of pain on someone else.

She’s not in her tent, but he finds her a few tents down, playing with Isis in the morning sun. Hera.

She notices the shadow he casts over them first, and looks up, squinting at him. “Hello.”

He sits down next to them, his eyes trained on the baby as she bounced up and down, holding onto Laura’s hands for support.

“I forgive you, Laura,” he says.

“Doesn’t that sound familiar,” she huffs. “I don’t need your forgiveness, Bill. What I do need is your cooperation.”

“Helo and Athena should know,” he says.

“It’s too--”

“Dangerous. I know.” He reaches out and gently touches her chin so she’ll face him. “But they’re coming back, either way. Isn’t that what you told me?”

“I don’t--”

“I’ve got to go back to my ship,” he says. “I’m not going to say anything to them.”

“Good,” she says, and stands up, scooping Isis into her arms. “Say goodbye to the Admiral, Isis.”

“Isis,” he repeats, and shakes his head as Laura takes the baby into the tent behind them.

She emerges a few minutes later, after a few unhappy squawks have come from the tent, and holds her hand out to Bill to help him up.

“I’ll walk with you,” she offers.

They make their way toward the landing field, an unsettled silence between them, until Bill finally breaks it when his Raptor comes into sight.

“I wish I could have been that friend, for you,” he says.

It takes her a moment to realize his meaning, and she blushes.

“You are,” she says, and presses her lips to his cheek.

Lazy Sunday (Kara/Sam)
[When the Colonies fell, the C-bucks were at training camp.]When the Colonies fell, the C-bucks were at training camp. As a result, more than a few of his pyramid jerseys survived the Exodus.

Kara loves being naked; she’s comfortable in her own skin after years of co-ed locker rooms. And Sam appreciates his wife’s form, so soft and strong all at once.

But his favorite look for her is when she pulls on his old jersey after they’ve made love. Just the jersey and a pair of skimpy panties, and he can almost believe that their lives are normal: her apartment on a lazy Sunday morning, the sun streaming. highlighting her golden hair as they decide where to go, what to do next.

He glances around their dingy rack as Kara shifts uncomfortably against him. Almost.

What's the Appeal (Kara/Dee)
[Suck it up, cupcake.]Kara doesn’t usually concern herself with the ship’s communications officer, aka her lover’s wife, but there comes a point where Dee’s withering glances bring Kara’s temper to the surface.

”What, she snarls at Dee when Dee comes out of a stall one morning and gives Kara, the only other person in the head, her usual look of loathing. “Yeah, you got a problem. Suck it up, cupcake.”

“I am,” Dee responds tightly. “I have been, for months now.”

Kara turns to face her, leaning against the sink basin casually. Her swagger intact, it threatens to overwhelm Dee, who slinks away.

“You ever wonder why?” she asks Dee. “Why he keeps coming back?”

When Dee doesn’t answer, Kara moves in closer, and her hand wanders to Dee’s waist.

Dee doesn’t flinch, and Kara leans in, her breath hot against Dee’s ear.

“Lock the hatch,” she says, “and I’ll show you.”

Meow (Romo/Lance)
[Go lie down and lick yourself some more.]The cat looked up at him inquiringly, pleading for attention. “Meow.”

“Not now, Lance.”


Lance jumped up on top of the papers comprising the defense of Gaius Baltar.

“Dammit, Lance. Get away from me.”

Furry white paws stretched out over the papers possessively.

“No, you can’t help. Go lie down and lick yourself some more.”

Lance yawned lazily and rubbed his face against the cover of Caprican Criminal Procedure.

“Gods, I hate you, Lance. You are the worst pet ever. I should make you go live with Gaius and his harem. They’ll take good care of you, I bet.”

Lance cocked his head indignantly. “Meow!”

Sighing, Romo stroked the cat beneath its chin and clucked his tongue. Mollified, Lance jumped off the papers and into Romo’s lap.

“I hate you,” Romo repeated softly, perjuring himself with every word.

Projecting (Sam/Seelix)
[That frakking music is still there in his head]After everything he thought he’d known about himself has turned to ash, Sam finds solace in the rec room. Tossing the pyramid ball, flirting with Diana, he feels almost normal again.

It’s easier, now. That frakking music is still there in his head, but it’s muted, and he’s found that when he lets his mind wander, he can sometimes take himself to places he’d rather be.

Like with Kara…in Kara. Back on Caprica -- not the frakked-up, yellowed ruins, but before.

Or even back on the other Earth...he was a musician and she was his muse,

Inside the pilots’ duty locker, his body is with Seelix, but his mind is somewhere else.

Posting this to my journal for posterity, because I loved my gift so much!

Title: Apron Up!
Author: madampresident
Pairings/Characters: Bill Adama/Laura Roslin
Word Count: 2,320
My take: Best gift!fic evah! A totally adorable AU with perfectly in-character younger Bill & Laura, along with kiddies Lee and Zak. Thank you, thank you, Madam Prez!

Read it HERE


Fic: Starting Over (Bill/Saul/Laura)

Posted on 2014.02.23 at 22:00
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Title: Starting Over
Word count: 2200
Rating: MA
Summary: Cylon technology saves Laura.
A/N: Just some smutty, fluffy OT3 written as a gift for plaid_slytherin for the bsg_kink Valentine exchange.

( "You sure this is going to work, Saul?" )


Fic: Tauron Tales

Posted on 2014.01.26 at 16:41
Feeling: contemplativecontemplative
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Title: Tauron Tales
Rating: T
Word count: 3400
Summary: The twins are turning seven, and Tsattie brings the party--in addition to schooling the family in their history.
A/N: Part of the 'babytattoofic' Tauron Cherry AU 'verse.Thanks to fragrantwoods for the inspiration for this installation.

Previous fic: Tauron Surprise.

fic art by scifishipper

"Just like old times," Tsattie said with a knowing wink.Collapse )


Fic - Eighth Night

Posted on 2013.12.25 at 13:06
Feeling: gratefulgrateful
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Title: Eighth Night
Universe: Special Prosecutions
Word count: 500
Rating: K
A/N: This was written as a birthday gift for nixmom, but not posted until now. It's doing double duty as my contribution to the Twelve Days of Laura Roslin on rememberlaura.

December 5, 2013Collapse )


Fic: Five Dawns

Posted on 2013.11.23 at 14:08
Feeling: anxiousanxious
Tags: , ,
Title: Five Dawns
Rating: T
Word count: 1550
Summary: Five mornings across Laura's life.
A/N: Written for the prompt "dawn" for the adama_roslin Month of Love, day 20.

( Finally the day had arrived when she would have to go to the Galactica )

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